Get the confidence of an all clear from your GP

Did you know?

  • 43% of Australian women are overdue for a cervical cancer screening?

  • 280 Australians are diagnosed with diabetes every day?

  • 3 million Australians could have untreated high blood pressure?

Many Australians know very little about their own health and this results in potential medical issues and risks due to chronic diseases. Preventative health care can reduce these risks and so Primary Health Care encourages every Australian to regularly see a healthcare professional so they can start to take control of their health.

We care about helping all Australians to be healthy and well, and so we’re highlighting a handful of chronic diseases that can be prevented if people are aware of them and seek guidance from their GP.

We encourage you to take advantage of our team approach to your healthcare and book an appointment with a GP to find out if you’re at risk of some of the most common chronic diseases in Australia, including:

  • If you are at risk of developing diabetes

  • If you have high blood pressure

  • If you have high cholesterol

  • For females, what your cervical cancer risk profile is

  • What vaccinations you require when travelling overseas

With bulk billing GPs* and extended opening hours** at a centre near you, there’s no reason to put off a check-up.

* Bulk billing GPs available. Not all services are bulk billed. Additional fees may apply for non-Medicare card holders.

** Actual hours may vary. Please refer to the website for current hours.